2005 GTA Schedule & Rules

For 2005 we will try to have more as many weekends as possible in the spring before the regionals.

In an effort to reduce confusion on race day we will standardize on a pilot meeting time of 11:00 am, Grid at Noon. Also standard Grid procedure will be: A class first on the first weekend Day, then B Class grids first on the 2nd day. We strongly encourage pilots to pregrid before the pilot meeting – this will keep us from missing an hour or so of the best soaring due to late start times.

You do not need to attend every race. Just come a few weekends a year to be competitive in the scoring. However the more you race the better your chances. The maximum number of Scored Race Days to be added in determining the each pilot’s total score will be one half of the total Valid Race Days (round up). Each pilot’s score will be calculated by adding the pilot’s best results in as many races as the pilot entered up to the maximum number of Scored Race Days. For example, if a season totals 13 race days, then we will score a maximum of 7 days for each pilot. In order to earn a trophy the pilot must compete on at least 4 days during the season. Only pilots who flew minimum 6 days are eligible for a trophy.

2005-09-06 For GTA we will standardize on a 3 mile radius start cylinder, Please Note this SSA rule: ‡ Start penalty (Rule penalty = 25 + sum of the following (neither of which shall be less than zero):
Distance penalty = (Start Distance – Start Radius) * 200
Height penalty = 25, if (Control Height – MSH) is not greater than 200 ft.
otherwise, height penalty = (Control Height – MSH) / 2 

For GTA we will standardize on a 1 mile radius finish cylinder with a minimum of 1000’agl. Finishing below that altitude incurs a rolling finish. Finish time will be from [after landing] when the glider stops rollings plus 2 minutes.

10.9.2 Rolling finish As an alternative to a flying finish, the CD shall designate one or more rolling finish areas on the home airfield. [any runway] Communications When four miles from a rolling finish, the pilot shall transmit “[Contest ID] four miles, rolling finish.” Pilots performing a rolling finish shall touch down and roll to a stop as specified by the CD, and will be timed as the sailplane comes to a complete stop. If announced by the CD prior to the start of competition, a time adjustment will be added to rolling finishes. This adjustment will be based on the vertical and horizontal distance between the rolling finish and the location designated for a flying finish.

Information on our competition sites can be found on the links page.

Download & Print this PDF flyer – Post it at your Clubhouse.

This schedule is subject to change, so check back occasionally. Schedule Updated: April 13, 2005

Date Location Comments
March 19,20 Cordele, GA An opportunity to try Cordele in early spring.
April 2,3 Pine Mountain, GA http://www.airnav.com/airport/KPIM
April 9,10 Chilhowee, TN Chilhowee Gliderport, be sure to use the current turnpoint list.
April 16-23 Perry, SC SSA Region 5 North Contest [not a GTA]
April 30- May 1 Eagleville, TN Great new site for us: 

Turnpoints at:http://soaring.aerobatics.ws/TP/Eagleville/
May 7,8 Moontown, AL Huntsville Soaring Club
May 15-21 Cordele, GA Region 5 South Sports, Standard, 15m, and 18m [not a GTA.]
May 28,29,30 Cordele, GA – location may change due to runway paving 3 Day Memorial Weekend.
June 18-19 Kingston, GA Etowah Bend – return to the gliderport in north Georgia, near Rome. Should be central to our membership base.
July 2,3,4 Chilhowee, TN Chilhowee Gliderport, be sure to use the current turnpoint list.
Sept 3,4,5 Chilhowee Labor 3 Day Weekend, Chilhowee Gliderport, be sure to use the current turnpoint list.
Sept 10,11 Moontown, AL Huntsville Soaring Club
Sept 17,18 Pine Mountain, GA http://www.airnav.com/airport/KPIM
Octoberfest 2005 14-16th Chilhowee Not a race, 2005 GTA Awards may be handed out the Saturday nite of Octoberfest.

18/24 days were valid in 2005.

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