2022 GTA Schedule & Rules

Mark your calendars for 2022 (scroll down for calendar).

Our rules are based on the SSA Sports Class Regional rules with only a few changes. We standardized on a pilot meeting time of 11:00 am, Grid at Noon. Also standard Grid procedure will be: A class first on the first weekend Day, then B Class grids first on the 2nd day. We strongly encourage pilots to Grid Before the pilot meeting – this will keep us from missing an hour or so of the best soaring due to late start times.

You do not need to attend every race. Just come a few weekends a year to be competitive in the scoring. However the more you race the better your chances. To qualify for a trophy the pilot must compete on at least 4 days.

We score the best 6 races. If there are ties we will compare points on head to head races between tied pilots.

For a valid day, the minimum Task in A class is 40 handicap miles & a minimum of 2 pilots competing for 1000 points, if only 1 A class pilot flies/competes 600 points is the max, for B class it is 30 handicap miles & 1 pilot for 1000 points. Start Gate does not open until most of the competitors can maintain 3300’AGL. For GTA we standardize on a 3 mile radius start cylinder. Our finish standard is a 2 mile radius finish cylinder with a minimum of 1200’AGL. Start & Finish altitudes are given in the task as MSL.

Anyone that wants to fly as a team with communication is welcome to practice, however we will score them as guests just as is done at regionals – points don’t count for season totals.

If you take a tow you must turn in a Flight trace – so other competitors can be scored properly, and the scorer knows when they have all the data to publish. At regionals you have until 9am the following morning or you do not get scored. The GTA scorer does not need to wait more than 48 hours after the flight for flight log submissions.

The CD should have everyone fill in the GTA sign in list, and provide the following information to the Scorer:
[] Date:
[] Type of Task: MAT or TAT
[] Start Gate opening time for each class:
[] Start Gate Turnpoint #:
[] Start Height MSL:
[] Start cylinder radii (3 mile GTA standard)
[] Minimum Time for task:
[] Finish Gate (confirm GTA standard 2 mile 1200AGL, report as MSL)
[] Turnpoints Called & Radii:
[] Contestants:  Race ID, First & Last Name, A or B Class, Glider Model & configuration if changeable, and dry all up flying weight (to determine handicap).
[] .IGC files submitted by CD or by pilot [please encourage everyone that flies to turn in a trace even if they did not complete the task, we use the information to gauge participation].  Do not change the name of the .igc file, Winscore requires the default file name.
[] Optionally please ask a participant to write up a description of the day.

Winscore Procedures for GTA are documented with several helpful hints and useful links – Please volunteer to learn how to score.
Contestants and Scorers should review the list of Handicaps.

download flyer and print it

Download & Print this PDF GTA_flyer – Post it at your Clubhouse.

3 Donation Payment Options:
1. Pay the annual donation via this paypal button:

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2. Logon to paypal on your own and Pay the annual donation via PayPal to:
3. Mail a check to Tim’s Address as shown on the GTA_registration form (rightclick save locally, edit and send).

If you have SPOT, InReach, or Cell phone GPS tracker please register with the SSA Sailplane Tracker.

2022 Schedule

Information on our competition sites can be found on the links page.
Spreadsheet shown below is also available directly if you want to print it.

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