2015 GTA Schedule & Rules

2015 GTA Schedule & Rules

Mark your calendars and look for flexible weekends in 2015.

Our rules are based on the SSA Sports Class Regional rules with only a few changes. We standardized on a pilot meeting time of 11:00 am, Grid at Noon. Also standard Grid procedure will be: A class first on the first weekend Day, then B Class grids first on the 2nd day. We strongly encourage pilots to pregrid before the pilot meeting – this will keep us from missing an hour or so of the best soaring due to late start times.

You do not need to attend every race. Just come a few weekends a year to be competitive in the scoring. However the more you race the better your chances. In order to qualify for a trophy the pilot must compete on at least 4 days during the season.

For 2015 we will score the best 6 races. If there are ties we will compare points on head to head races between tied pilots.

For a valid day, the standard minimum Task in A class will be 40 handicap miles & need a minimum of 2 pilots competing for 1000 points, if only 1 A class pilot flies/competes 600 points is the max, for B class it will be 30 handicap miles & 1 pilot for 1000 points. [Since 2009]. Start Gate does not open until most of the competitors can maintain 3300’AGL. For GTA we standardize on a 3 mile radius start cylinder. Our finish standard is a 1 mile radius finish cylinder with a minimum of 1000’AGL.

Anyone that wants to fly as a team with communication is welcome to practice, however we will score them as guests just as is done at regionals – no points will count for season totals.

Flight traces must be turned in promptly to allow for scoring. At regionals you have until 9am the following morning or you do not get scored. The GTA scorer does not need to wait more than 72 hours after the flight to allow for flight log submissions.

The CD should provide the following information to the Scorer:
[] Date:
[] Type of Task: MAT or TAT
[] Start Gate opening time for each class:
[] Start Gate Turnpoint #:
[] Start Height MSL:
[] Start cylinder radii (3 mile GTA standard)
[] Minimum Time for task:
[] Finish Gate (confirm 1 mile 1000AGL GTA standard, report as MSL)
[] Turnpoints Called and Radii:
[] Contestants:  Race ID, First & Last Name, A or B Class, Glider Model & configuration if changeable.
[] .IGC files submitted by CD or by pilot [please encourage everyone that flies to turn in a trace even if they did not complete the task, we use the information to gauge participation].  Do not change the name of the .igc file, Winscore requires the default file name.
[] Optionally please write up a description of the day.

Information on our competition sites can be found on the links page.

Download & Print this PDF GTA_flyer1 – Post it at your Clubhouse. GTA_flyer_icon.jpg


3 Payment Options:

1. Pay the annual donation via this Paypal link
2. Logon to paypal on your own and Pay the annual donation via PayPal to: racing-gta-at-gmail-com-sm
3. Mail a check to Tim’s Address as shown on the GTA_registration form

If you have SPOT GPS tracker please register with the SSA Sailplane Tracker.



This schedule is subject to change, so check back occasionally. Schedule Updated rev 2: 2015

– Consider major events organized in GTA area:
Chilhowee PAGC: April 3-17, however few GTA pilots entered
Region 5N Perry: April 18-25 (avoid April 18-19 & April 25-26)
Region 5S Cordele: May 30 – June 6 (avoid May 30-31 & June 6-7)

Race # Location   Dates   Days     Notes/contact Area

1 Warm Springs March 28-29 (2) Chris/Wally/Tim C1
Easter weekend April 4-6
2 Eagleville April 11-12 (2) John/Werner W1
Perry Region 5 N April 18-25
3 Warm Springs May 2-3 (2) Chris/Wally/Tim C2
4 Chilhowee May 9-10 (2) Sarah N1
5 Monroe May 16-17 (2) Fernando C3
6 Cordele May 23, 24, 25 (3) MGSA/Fernando S1
Cordele Region 5 S May 30 -June 7
7 Chilhowee June 13-14 (2) Sarah N2
8 Moontown June 20-21 (2) JJ/John W2
9 Windrift June 27-28 (2) Phil – Special event* C4
10 Tullahoma July 3, 4, 5 (3) Leo W3

Rain dates for    July 11-12       TBD if
Spring races.     July 18-19        Spring is
Clubs to pick    July 25-26        heavily
a date if            Aug 1-2            rained
they wish          Aug 8-9            out

11 Warm Springs Aug 15-16 (2) Chris/Wally/Tim C5
12 Moontown Aug 22-23 (2) JJ/John W4
13 Bainbridge Aug 29-30 (2) Lane S2
14 Chilhowee Sep 5-7 (3) Sarah N3
15 Eagleville Sept 12-13 (2) John/Werner W5
16 Monroe Sept 19-20 (2) Fernando C6
Oktoberfest – GTA awards October 16-18

* RSVP (by 6/24) + $25 help set-up fee. Held at Joy and Peter’s private strip

3/24 valid days in 2013. 8/24 valid days in 2011. 14/25 2010.9/23 in 2009. 9-11/25 in 2008. 19/22 in 2007 16/26 in 2006. 18/24 in 2005. See Archive of past schedules: 2000 – 2011

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